Trucking company owner indicted for tax evasion scheme

Trucking company owner indicted for tax evasion scheme

Alice F. Martin, owner of Martin Logistics in Louisville, Ohio, is facing serious federal charges related to tax evasion. A grand jury indicted Martin on May 7th on seven counts, accusing her of deliberately avoiding over $1.2 million in taxes.

Prosecutors allege Martin orchestrated a complex scheme to hide income and assets from the IRS. This scheme allegedly involved creating a shell company, TSA Transportation, to win trucking contracts. While TSA Transportation appeared legitimate on the surface, prosecutors believe it was simply a front for Martin Logistics.

Income earned through contracts won by TSA Transportation was then reportedly directed into a bank account controlled by another Martin-owned company, A.F. Martin. This way, the income wouldn't be easily traced back to Martin Logistics, the company that actually performed the trucking services.

The indictment further details Martin allegedly moving assets, such as trucks and trailers, from Martin Logistics to a separate company, Martin Global. This could have served multiple purposes. It might have been an attempt to make Martin Logistics appear less valuable and less able to pay taxes. It could have also been a way to shield those assets from potential seizure by the IRS.

The indictment suggests this wasn't a small-time operation. The mention of $18 million in gross receipts associated with TSA Transportation contracts suggests a significant amount of income was hidden over a period of several years (2013-2018). Additionally, the indictment alleges Martin not only failed to file tax returns for her trucking companies but also made false statements to the IRS in an attempt to cover her tracks. Even after her scheme was discovered, Martin is accused of continuing to mislead the IRS.