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In this episode of the ThinkFreight Podcast, we have an inspiring conversation with Annalise Sandhu, Co-Founder of Chaine, an AI-powered freight booking and visibility platform.

Annalise shares her incredible journey from aspiring to become a doctor to diving headfirst into the world of freight and technology. Initially set on attending medical school, her life took a dramatic turn when she decided to assist her husband, Param, with his trucking business and subsequent tech startup.

Annalise recounts how she was struck by the industry's manual processes and was inspired by the rise of digital brokerages. This sparked her desire to bring advanced technology and visibility solutions to everyone in the freight sector.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she discusses the challenges and rewards of running her own company, and what led her and Param to establish Chaine.

We dove into the founding story of Chaine, exploring the motivations behind its creation, the target audience, and the intriguing origin of its name.

Annalise provides insights into what sets Chaine apart in the competitive landscape of freight technology and shares her optimism for the future of the industry.

This episode is packed with valuable lessons on innovation, resilience, and the power of technology in transforming the freight sector.

Key Highlights:

  • Annalise's Journey: From aspiring doctor to tech entrepreneur, Annalise Sandhu's unexpected path to co-founding Chaine.
  • Industry Insights: The shift from manual processes to digital brokerages in the freight industry and Annalise's vision for accessible technology.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Challenges and rewards of running a tech startup in the freight sector.
  • Chaine's Founding Story: The motivations behind Chaine's creation, its target audience, and the origin of its name.
  • Future Prospects: What sets Chaine apart and Annalise's bullish outlook for the industry in the coming year.

Tune in to this episode for an engaging and insightful discussion with one of the freight industry's rising stars!