Mother's Day Freight 🌹 Promises To Be Another Record

Mother's Day Freight 🌹 Promises To Be Another Record

This year's Mother's Day spending is anticipated to hit $33.5 billion, as per the latest annual consumer survey unveiled by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

This figure stands as the second highest in the history of the survey, trailing last year's record of $35.7 billion. The survey, which polled 8,213 U.S. adult consumers, sheds light on the ongoing trends.

Image: Total spending by year. Source: NRF.

Just like in previous years, the top gifts expected to be given include flowers (74%), greeting cards (74%), and special outings like dinner or brunch (59%).

The anticipated expenditure reveals a hefty $7 billion earmarked for jewelry, $5.9 billion for special outings, and $3.5 billion for electronics. Moreover, total spending on flowers is projected to hit $3.2 billion, while spending on greeting cards is estimated at $1.1 billion for this year.