Tornado Destroys FedEx Facility In Michigan

Tornado Destroys FedEx Facility In Michigan

Southern Michigan was ravaged by tornadoes on Tuesday, unleashing devastation in Portage, where employees found themselves briefly trapped inside a FedEx facility, and wreaking havoc on a mobile home park in Kalamazoo, described by one resident as resembling scenes from a disaster movie.

According to FedEx spokeswoman Shannon Davis, all employees at the distribution facility were eventually evacuated and safe by late Tuesday. Earlier, approximately 50 individuals had been stranded inside the building, as confirmed by Kalamazoo County spokeswoman Taylor Koopman.

Multiple tornadoes struck the county on Tuesday evening, resulting in minor injuries for around 15 to 20 individuals, with no reported fatalities, stated Kalamazoo County public information officer Andrew Alspach.

FedEx indicated they were actively monitoring the situation. Reports from revealed that a portion of the roof at the Portage facility collapsed following the tornado, with images depicting significant structural damage.

The storm inflicted widespread destruction across various parts of the city, leaving over 20,000 residents out of power among the approximately 49,000 inhabitants. City officials announced that power restoration efforts may extend until late Wednesday night, as outlined in a news release.