Tesla Plans To Ramp Up Tesla Semi Deliveries To PepsiCo

Tesla Plans To Ramp Up Tesla Semi Deliveries To PepsiCo

Tesla is gearing up to increase deliveries of its Tesla Semi trucks to PepsiCo, its primary customer, in anticipation of ramping up volume production of the electric semi-truck.

The Tesla Semi program has faced notable delays since its unveiling in 2017. Originally slated for production in 2019, it didn't enter production until late 2022, and even then, production has been severely limited.

Image: PepsiCo Tesla Electric Semis

For over a year, the Tesla Semi was solely utilized internally and by PepsiCo. However, there has been a recent uptick in sightings of the electric vehicle with other customers.

In the past month, reports emerged of Tesla Semis being utilized by Martin Brower and Sysco, a food distribution giant. Additionally, Walmart and Costco have recently acquired Tesla Semis for testing purposes.

Despite these developments, Tesla continues to produce the electric truck in limited volumes while expanding its Gigafactory Nevada to accommodate a new high-volume production line.

Tesla has indicated that it plans to commence volume production of the electric truck late next year, with broader customer deliveries expected to begin in 2026. In the meantime, PepsiCo remains Tesla's primary customer for the electric truck.