Stealing $9.5 Million Worth of Freight Shipments

Stealing $9.5 Million Worth of Freight Shipments

A Chicago man is facing multiple federal charges related to the theft of $9.5 million worth of items, including liquor and commercial-grade copper, from interstate shipments.

Aivaras Zigmantas, 39, was arrested on June 5 and charged with six counts of wire fraud, five counts of bank fraud, and two counts of theft of interstate shipments, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois. He is identified as a Lithuanian national residing in the Elk Grove Village, Illinois, area.

The Scheme:
The 22-page indictment claims Zigmantas used several false identities and posed as an employee of both legitimate and fictitious motor carriers and brokers to persuade shippers to release loads to him or his associates. The alleged scheme, involving Zigmantas, occurred between March 2020 and September 2023.

Fake Carriers:
Among the fictitious carriers created in the scheme were Best Global Express, Mato Trans, Martin Global, JRO Global, VD Transco, SMD Transco, and DMFL Express.

Authorities allege Zigmantas obtained USDOT and MC numbers for these fake carriers. He is also accused of misrepresenting himself as a representative of several real trucking companies and submitting bids to transport loads on their behalf.