Aurora and Volvo Unveil Self-Driving Truck

Aurora and Volvo Unveil Self-Driving Truck

A new self-driving truck — the Volvo VNL Autonomous truck, loaded with autonomous vehicle technology developed by Aurora Innovation — could hit public highways as early as this summer.

Unveiled Monday evening at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas, this truck is a product of the partnership between Aurora and Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

Aurora plans to begin hauling freight with these self-driving trucks in the next few months. The trucks will operate in autonomous mode but will still have a human safety operator behind the wheel to take control if necessary.

Later this year, Aurora plans to announce pilot programs with customers using the Volvo VNL Autonomous truck, according to an Aurora spokesperson. Volvo has already started manufacturing an initial test fleet of these self-driving trucks at its New River Valley assembly facility in Virginia.

The reveal of the Volvo VNL Autonomous truck aligns with Aurora's goal to commercialize self-driving trucks by the end of 2024. Initially, the company plans to carry freight between Dallas and Houston using up to 20 driverless Class 8 trucks — this time without a human driver.